My favourite recipe

Writing prompt #3

I don’t have a favourite recipe. I have favourite cook books. And my new favourite is Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.

I always turn to Ottolenghi’s weekly recipe in the Guardian’s Saturday magazine, but had never really understood his magic until buying this book.

He and his partner Tamimi put their cooking firmly in context. This is as much a book about Jerusalem,  the city, its cultures and its people, as it is a cook book.

Just flicking through its gorgeous pages makes me want to visit this complex city and taste for myself its fusion of food from across the world.

And I am sure sweet potatoes, tomatoes and chickpeas will taste so much better in this ancient city than the ones I buy from my local supermarket.

But until I can persuade my husband that a city break in Jerusalem would be more fun than a wet weekend in West Yorkshire, I am just going to have to satisfy myself with cooking something from this fabulous book.

Tonight we are having Roasted Aubergine with Fried Onions and chopped lemon (p33).

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