President Obama’s narrative is our story

President Obama’s victory on Tuesday will no doubt inspire commentators from the left, the right and the very big middle for weeks and months to come. I have nothing original to say that hasn’t been said elsewhere, so I will be brief.

  • President Obama has big ears
  • He does get stuff wrong, and no doubt at some point over the next four years he will make some bad calls
  • He is just a man
  • The American electoral process is dysfunctional, as is its system of governance
  • I am not sure I would stand in line for seven hours to vote

That said Obama’s narrative needs to be the story of the 21st century: human beings come in all shapes and sizes, we achieve far more if we work together and, crucially our economies, social policies, justice systems should be founded on the needs and aspirations of the people.

We cannot build strong countries and tackle global problems such as climate change and hunger if we depend on the leftovers from big business. Trickle down doesn’t work, stupid.

Oh, and Michelle Obama is awesome.

Now I am off to Philadelphia.

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