Let’s hope America leans forward tomorrow

In a few hours time US citizens will decide choose their next President. The polls are very close, but the momentum, I hope and believe, is with Barack Obama.

There has been a lot of nonsense spoken about President Obama’s record in his first term, and not just by the right. But let’s remember for a moment what he has done, not forgetting that since 2010 he has been frustrated by vindictive Republicans in Congress, who seemed willing to sacrifice their country’s well-being to score political points against President Obama.

He has made sure ALL students can afford college. He fought for equal pay for women. He provided decent benefits for veterans, and ended the Iraq war. He passed health reform. And he rescued the US economy from the brink of collapse.

Stop to think for a minute if the US economy had gone deeper into recession, even a depression. It would have affected all of us – from Scotland to South Africa. It would have made the 1930’s economic downturn look like a walk in the park. It is unthinkable.

Just as “President Romney” and his brand of “severe” conservatism is unthinkable.

I am proud to be a progressive, a women of the left, who believes in the power of democracy and good government to change the world. Think the abolition of slavery. Women’s suffrage. The right to love who you choose. Equal pay. The NHS.

It is good governments, working with the people, who bring about progressive change. Not business.

So tomorrow morning I will get up early, spend the day on the streets of Hellertown yet again, knocking on the doors of strangers, in a country where I don’t have a vote, because the world will be a better place with President Obama in the White House.

And hopefully tomorrow night I will be celebrating a famous victory in the Bethlehem Steelworkers Union Hall.




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