Even Scots can help get out the vote in the USA

Four days to go and we will spend them helping to get the vote out for Barack Obama in Hellertown, PA.

I was asked the other day by @PeatWarrior whether people reacted adversely to a Scot canvassing in a US election.

I can truly say that both in 2008 and now I have been greeted with nothing but respect and friendship both by Democratic activists and voters – including Republicans.

The USA is a country built on immigration – by people from across the world who came here to build a better one.

Wander through any US mall as I did the other day and you will hear accents from many nations. My deep Scots burr is nothing unusual. Barack Obama represents that dynamism – a truly international nation, one where your background, gender, race or faith do not matter. What matters is your humanity.

Mitt Romney has been forced to stand for severe conservatism. He is the voice of “angry white men”. His narrow view of his country – and the world – is rooted in the past. Obama’s America is the future – for all of us.

Now time to get that vote out.

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